Voice Calling

Calling is the new texting.

Make voice calls on any device, nationally and internationally. Don’t forget that immmr-to-immmr voice calling is and always will be free. Pick up the phone and use your voice to communicate.

Use Cases

Voice Calling 5

Use Your Voice

Sometimes you just need to hear someone’s voice. Give that special someone a call today.

Voice Calling 2

Free Minutes

Use your free minutes to stay in touch with loved ones when you are out of credit. immmr-to-immmr calls are also always free.

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International Calls

Keep in touch with family while you’re on holidays or call your friends abroad for a catch up.

immmr is a voice and video calling service available on iOS, Android and web through web.immmr.com. Free immmr-to-immmr web calls and free minutes to call internationally to loved ones around the globe. Connect from any device to access all of your communication once you have an internet connection.