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Free Your Phone and Number

Free Your Phone & Number 

Turn your computer or any other device into a phone. Simply put your number in the cloud and access it from anywhere! Perfect for when your phone battery dies.

All-in-one Communication

One app to combine standard telephony with digital voice, video, and messaging. All-in-one communication for the best user experience.

One Phone, Multiple Numbers

Separate your private and business communication by adding an additional number to your current phone. Mobile, landline, national, international – the choice is yours.

Open & Secure Communication 

You don’t have to lose touch with people just because they don’t have the same app. Connect openly, even with people who don’t have an account.

Be Accessible Anytime, Anywhere 

Access all of your contacts and communication on any device you choose (laptop, tablet, PC). Simply log in with your credentials. You can even use it on your friend’s device.

Keep in Touch with High-Quality Video Calling

Not only can you video call with one person, but you can also make group video calls with up to eight people. Perfect for setting up long-distance conference calls.

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