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What is immmr?

immmr is a communication app which lets you connect on any device, anywhere, with anyone. Connect with our free app for your smartphone, tablet and computer.

Is immmr free?

immmr is accessible through both Wi-Fi or cellular data. Cellular data usage is charged by your network provider. Calling, video and messaging are completely free when you are connected to Wi-Fi.For more details regarding your data usage, please contact your network provider.

Who are the people behind immmr?

We are pioneers of digital communication. We want to inspire people to explore new ways to connect with the world.

Will immmr work on my device?

immmr currently works best on:
Operating System iPhone: iOS 8 or later
Operating System Android: 5 or later
The web-app and portal work best when used in Google Chromes latest stable version

Huawei P8
LG Nexus 5 (Smartphone)
ASUS Nexus 7 (Tablet)
Samsung Galaxy S4 (Smartphone)
Samsung Galaxy S5 (Smartphone)
On Samsung A5We have found out immmr works best under android 6 operation system. So, if you experience video flaws or similar, consider updating your device to android 6.

iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPhone 6 (Choose: iPhone 6)
iPhone 6 Plus (Choose: iPhone 6 Plus)
iPad Air
iPhone 6S
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus

More devices coming soon!

How can I tell if my message has been delivered?

If you see a clock icon, this means that your message is in the process of sending.

Check marks will appear next to each message you send. Here is what they indicate:

Single check mark: Message successfully sent to the server and will be delivered to the recipient.
Double check marks: Message has been notified to the recipient and the recipient opened the app.

If you see a red badge with a white exclamation mark next to your message, your message could not be sent. Try again when you experience a better network connection.

Which countries do we support calling to during the closed beta?

Aland Island, Alaska, American Samoa, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Egypt, England, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guam, Guernsey, Hawaiian, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Kazakhstan, Korea, Republic of (South Korea), Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Mexico, Midway Islands, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Cyprus, Northern Ireland, Northern Mariana Islands, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, People’s Republic of China, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic of China (Taiwan), Romania, Russia, Saint-Barthélemy, Saint-Martin, San Marino, Scotland, Singapore, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, USA, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vatican City, Venezuela, Wales.

Some numbers in this country list are not yet accessible. Please write to for more information.

Is it possible to call emergency numbers on immmr?

immmr service does not guarantee support of emergency calling during the Beta Test. Please make additional arrangements in order to access emergency services.

What kind of numbers are blocked from calling?

immmr does not support calls to premium rate service numbers, directory service, personal service, pagers, freephone, call centres etc. For specific blocked country numbers, please contact for more information.

Why does immmr use my phone number and my address book?

immmr uses your address book to connect you with your contacts. The address book data is private to you; No one else has access to your address book unless you choose to share this data. Your phone number is used so you can call people that are and are not on immmr.

Why an additional number?

Currently carrying two phones around, one for work and one for you? With immmr you can have multiple numbers without multiple sim cards. Additional numbers can also be used for dating purposes, keeping your main number separate from extra activities and of course, when traveling or spending extended periods of time abroad local numbers are always helpful. These are just a few examples of the main benefits additional numbers offer.

What is the difference between immmr messaging and SMS?

SMS is the traditional text messaging service provided by your mobile network operator that allows you to send short text messages to your contacts – and to almost any mobile number. The costs to send a text message varies depending on the network provider and your personal tariff with your carrier.

Messaging with immmr allows you to communicate with registered users (your family, friends, and all contacts) through free services within the immmr app, like text, and picture messages. Depending on your subscription immmr supports both messaging types: SMS and immmr messaging.

You can use immmr messaging whenever your immmr devices are connected to a data network.

Can I see my messages in my native app and web app?

Yes, the messages you send and receive are fully synced between your phone and your computer, and you can see all messages on any device. Each action you take on the phone will apply to Web and vice versa.

How can I check my online status and connection to immmr?

Whenever you experience that you do not receive messages or calls and/or can not make calls or send messages please go to Settings -> About and check if the online connection indicator is green or red. If red please stop the app and start it again. In most cases, this should help. If not please check if you have a working data connection at all.

How can I test if immmr Open works properly?

To test if immmr Open works properly and before sending the invitation out to friends, you can test the process and functionality by yourself. Just open the immmr Open link in a new tab of your Google Chrome browser (+ https:// ) and click on call. Then your mobile phone will start ringing.

Does immmr work on my Rooted Device?

Rooted Devices are now enabled for Android users.

Why are my SMS texts not sending?

Potential restrictions may occur when sending SMS to certain countries (U.S. for example). These restrictions may apply when sending SMS texts from your registered number and your additional number. Please be patient and wait for an update on this issue.

How do I keep immmr running on Huawei / Honor?

On Huawei and Honor devices, apps stop working due to a battery saving feature unless the app is configured as “protected”.
Once you have manually approved immmr in the system settings, incoming calls and messages can be received while the device is in “sleep mode” or the screen is turned off.