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Your network. Your customers.
It’s time to play by your rules.

We provide a customisable solution for telco operators to bridge the gap between standard network services and internet communication.

Keep Existing & Gain New Customers

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Understand what your customers do, evolve the customer touchpoint as you see fit and build on existing billing relationships to further enhance the customer experience.

Integrated and Built on Top of Your Network

Our Solution 11

Effectively use your existing core network and infrastructure with our solution to open up new communication possibilities.

Create New Business Opportunities

Our Solution 10

Expand your potential growth by reaching new customer segments with a Digital B-Brand, Third-Party Integration or an FMC proposition.

Why You Should Work With Us

Work with us to shape and provide the optimal customer experience, gain back relevance in front of the customer and make better use of your assets. If you’re looking to enrich the mobile experience by offering multiple numbers and device-independence, are a cable or fixed line operator looking for an FMC solution, planning a Digital B-Brand for untapped customer segments or looking for new business opportunities with Third-Party Services, make us part of your digital agenda.

Let us help you to define the communication of the future, rejuvenate your brand and appeal to new target audiences so you can remain a top player in the industry.

What We Offer

We provide a cloud communication platform that can be customised and integrated into any network. Together with the platform and our tailored customer touchpoints, we provide a complete solution that allows you to expand beyond traditional communication possibilities. Part of our feature set is virtualising your customers’ phone number, making it device-independent and allowing you to explore and develop new forms of communication-based on the needs of your customers.


How It Works

  • Our solution integrates your traditional core network infrastructure with our platform
  • You can offer an advanced communication feature set combining the benefits of traditional telephony with the power of modern applications
  • The functionality of the standard calling app will be used when needed and whenever possible enriched by the IP capabilities of our cloud solution
  • This allows you to offer a coherent communication experience with the best available feature set for your customers to choose from

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