Connect with non-immmr users across the world by simply sending your immmrOpen URL link. The best part is that they do not need to download or sign-up to the app to communicate with you!

Be open. Be anonymous. Be whoever you choose.

Use Cases

immmrOpen 1

Video Interviews

Set up a video calling interview without needing personal information. Just send the link and connect.

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Easy And Accessible

Your grandmother hasn’t quite mastered the app world? Connect with non-immmr users for calls and texts.

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Protect Your Privacy

Don’t fancy giving out personal information on your social profiles? You can be contacted via your immmrOpen link.

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The immmr voice and video calling app is available on Android, iOS and web through Users can make and receive messages, voice and video calls from any device. The only thing needed is an internet connection. Your full communication, all calls, messages and contacts are combined in one app.