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Our Story

immmr was founded in 2015 as a project of Deutsche Telekom’s research and development laboratories (T-Labs). Our mission has always been and remains to bridge the gap between standard telco-based services and internet communication to improve and enhance the customer experience. We specialise in lean network integration and quality of service to deliver an innovative solution for telco operators.

We are currently developing and provisioning a voice and video communication solution based on virtualised phone numbers, multi-device conformity and multi-number customer profiles.

Our Team

At immmr, we believe in innovation and are pioneers of digital communication. We are constantly challenging the status quo and discovering new ways to communicate. Our diverse team is comprised of employees from over 20 different countries. We partner with external suppliers and experts to ensure state-of-the-art features and high quality of service for our customers. The team is led by Judit Andrási and Marten Schönherr, please find out more below. To get to know more members of our team, be sure to check out our blog.

Judit Andrási


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Judit Andrási brings over 15 years of comprehensive telecommunication experience to her role as immmr’s CEO, which she stepped into in September 2016. Born in Hungary, Judit has worked for several divisions of Deutsche Telekom across Europe. She was responsible for DT’s European telecommunication strategy as VP of Strategy. Judit holds a Master of Science in Business Administration and is an avid supporter of women in leadership roles.

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Marten Schönherr


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Marten Schönherr is immmr’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and co-founder. He is responsible for managing immmr’s Development and Engineering teams. As both an entrepreneur as well as an intrapreneur, Marten is experienced in scaling tech teams in product companies and also in Corporate Research and Development. He holds Master Degrees in Engineering and Economics and a PhD in Computer Science.

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This is Our Team:

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