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I miss you. I know.

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I remember when we used to talk everyday. I miss that. #SayItWithImmmr

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Have a voice, not an echo. #SayItWithImmmr

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Don’t text. You might miss something on immmr.

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When the past calls, let it go to voice mail. The future is immmr.

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Sorry, I didn’t answer the phone when you called. I use immmr.

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Welcome home!

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Be an immmrvidual. Register for our pre-closed beta. Rediscover communication. 🌸📱🌸


can you be?

Be different.
Be yourself.
Be immmr.

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#Where'sMyPhone - immmrDuuude, forgot your phone again? 😱Just keep calm and call mom from your tablet with immmr!

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immmr. Only for the cool cats. Get it, it's a cat wearing shades! 👻😸

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#immmrized - Don't be late! 😬 Register for our closed beta right now!

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#forthecoolpigs - Our closed beta. It's cooler than this pig! 🐷 Registration


Always in touch.

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Always in touch

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#ChargingIsSoo2015 - Fewer charging cables to carry. More fun!🔋Log on to immmr on any device with wifi!

Where is my charger?