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Rejuvenating communication in today’s telco world.

Our mission is to create and operate an open and universal communication application that combines traditional telco-based and internet services.

Unique Features

We provide our solution with lean integration into telco networks. This allows for a differentiated customer experience through new customer touchpoints.

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Virtualised Number

Turn your computer or any other device into a phone. Simply put your number in the cloud and access it from anywhere.

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Additional Numbers

Local and international, mobile and landline numbers available for users without needing multiple SIM cards.

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Our open ecosystem allows users who are not registered to connect freely – and even invites them to join.

Digital Communication

We bring together traditional telephony with digital voice and video. Our future-driven solution safeguards telco investments by integrating next-generation network features.

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High definition voice quality for a smooth and clear sounding audio with VoLTE compatibility.

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Crystal clear high-quality video calling with advanced A/V Codecs and adaptive technology.

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Full range messaging: SMS, IP, and RCS compatibility.


immmr was founded in 2015 from a research and development project with Deutsche Telekom. We are a team of international technical enthusiasts based in the vibrant city of Berlin.