We are immmr

And this is our way to connect

Immmr is a new concept for a communication service that puts your phone — calls, messaging, and number — in the cloud. Once immmrized, your mobile world is immediately accessible on any device, from anywhere, to use with anyone. 

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We’ve built a family of features around immmr

Access your mobile number, calls, messages, and contacts from any device. Even if it’s not your own. Desktop. Tablet. Home. Or away. Just login.


Whether you are sitting at your computer at work. Or sitting in another country. Or even if your phone is off, immmr makes it so that your mobile world is always accessible.

Immmr - The key to your mobile world.

Set up new numbers for whatever opportunities life delivers. Work. Travel. Ordinary. Or extraordinary.


Whether you are abroad and want a local number. Or need a work phone, but don’t want to carry two phones. Immmr allows users to purchase up to five new numbers. No extra SIM card necessary.

ImmmrIDs - A new number for a new opportunity. 

Use a simple link to video with anyone, even if they aren’t a fellow immmr user. No registration. No passwords. No new network.

Whether you want to chat with a friend. Or discuss something with a colleague. Or if your family wants to reach you from far away. Simply send them your immmrID link and connect — for free.


OpenImmmr - The direct way to connect.

Immmr will be accessible via the immmr app – from the Apple app store and Google play store – and on Chrome browsers. 

Immmr will be available to users worldwide in 2016. The full immmr experience with dedicated plans will launch in selected countries first.